ZYT Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier


It is specially designed as oil filtration machine for turbine oil, lubricating oil and cooling oil to removing a large amount of moisture and impurity. Such as power plants, power station steam turbine in the process of running, moisture, dust and impurities will be mixed in the turbine oil, will accelerate the oxidation of oil, and changed with foam, fouling and oil sludge, cause the oil emulsified serious, and lead to oil-water separation more difficult, reduce the oil performance of lubrication, speed, cooling etc. Meanwhile caused the metal parts of turbine steam to corrosion, bad for the safe operation of steam turbine

Main features:

1. Separation system : “T ” type of the evaporator, enlarged the separating surface and separating time.

2. separation system :It combined with the USA coalescence separation atomization technology, make the oil at best process in vacuum system; after the water and gas within the oil gain enough time to be vaporizing, Can fully remove water and gas.

3. PLC programmable controller, enabling unattended.

4. Filtration system: Special polymer materials as filter medium with the functions of broken emulsion, dewatering, removing particles.

5. Protection system: Fault protection, pressure protection, discharge fault alarm and motor alarm.

6. Automatic oil level control technology, to realization of man-machine separation

7. Heating system: Constant temperature heating mode, the temperature within the range of 0-100 ℃ adjust at will, heater have Multiple control group, the “s” type structure of the machine.

8. Heater adopt interlocked protective system, avoiding blank heating.

9. Adopt the France vacuum defoaming technology, avoid the oil leak.

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